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Lewes Community Garden

Building a Stronger and Greener Community

September 29, 2019 - Sunday garden harvest ready to be donated to the Greater Lewes Community Village and the Delaware Food Bank. photo credit: Gary Stokes

About Us

Who We Are

The Lewes Community Gardeners are a group of dedicated local residents who took up the cause of establishing the Greater Lewes area's first community garden located at 366 Park Road, Lewes.  Added to this mission is the drive to help stamp out hunger in Sussex County and to make sure the garden plots are accessible to people of all abilities.  The group is a non-profit under the auspices of the Greater Lewes Foundation.   Creating this Community Garden is a means of creating a more engaged community and practicing advanced gardening techniques in order to provide more access to local produce. We’re a local volunteer organization under the auspices of the Greater Lewes Foundation that works towards bringing the Sussex County community together by working hard towards a healthy and sustainable garden that everyone can benefit from. We hope you’ll join us soon!

William Wordsworth

"Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher"

Greater Lewes Foundation

Attn: Lewes Community Gardeners Fund

P.O. Box 110

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located at 366 Park Avenue, Lewes, DE