How to Join

Lewes Community Garden (LCG) is quite unique as community gardens go because we are completely volunteer run, we are totally organic, and we have an active community outreach component. Joining our community garden is much more than just renting a bed to grow your own vegetables. Everyone needs to actively contribute to help manage the garden. Everyone is expected to do their share. Everyone follows organic gardening practices.

Still interested? You can join us in one of two ways: express an interest in renting a bed or volunteer to help the garden. Read on for details. Please email us if you have any questions.

Answers to your most common questions

How can I rent a garden bed?

We currently have no beds available, but can add you to our waitlist if you complete our form. Fill out our form

How much does it cost?

It costs $75 per year to rent a 4 x 8 bed. Financial assistance is available if needed.

How do people on the waitlist get a bed?

Here are the steps in the process:

  • In January and February, we contact our waitlist to see if you are still interested in joining the garden.
  • Everyone who is still interested is invited to attend an Information Session – usually via zoom -- which covers the details and expectations involved in having a garden bed.
  • If we have more people interested than beds available, we have a lottery to select gardeners.

Fill out our form

If I get a bed, what can I do to help the garden?

We are a completely volunteer-run organization, so everyone needs to pitch in. Participating in our fall and spring workdays and attending our monthly gardeners meeting is expected. Our committees meet all year long and need members to assist with activities and projects.

What is organic gardening?

We do not use pesticides or non-organic fertilizer, among other organic gardening practices. We have lots of information to help you and your fellow gardeners are here to support you. You must agree to use organic gardening practices only to have a bed. Check out our Garden Rules.

Can I volunteer to help the garden without having a bed?

Absolutely. We’re always on the lookout for folks interested in volunteering to help with garden tasks “inside” and “outside” the fence. Outside the fence we are working on native plant habitats, pollinator gardens and more. Of course, we always need help moving mulch! Inside the fence we have several community beds maintained by volunteers where all the produce is donated to local food banks. To volunteer, please complete the Volunteer Application. Save the electronic form then email it to us at  We also welcome donations, which support projects such as expanding the garden and putting up a new fence.