About Lewes Community Garden (LCG)

Lewes Community Garden (LCG) is a group of residents who created and manage the greater Lewes area's first community garden, located in the Great Marsh Park in Lewes, Delaware USA. We broke ground in 2019.

The mission of Lewes Community Garden is to create and maintain a sustainable community garden by sharing knowledge, experience, and friendship. Our goal is to provide accessible gardening opportunities for all ages and abilities and to follow organic gardening practices.

We use organic practices to maintain the garden, where we learn from each other, grow nutritious food, and share with the larger community through harvest donations to food banks. In 2023 we donated 415 pounds of fresh, organic produce.

In 2024 the garden has 56 raised garden beds, 71 gardeners and 15 community volunteers. One bed is dedicated to the Teach a Person to Fish Society, which raises produce to provide food to shelters and pantries. The grounds feature a pollinator garden and composting station. Work is underway to eliminate invasive species and restore native plants to the grounds.

​We’re a local, volunteer, non-profit organization under the auspices of the Greater Lewes Foundation and welcome donations. Our organization has a multi-year strategic plan guiding the sustainable growth of the garden and the grounds.

The Lewes Community Garden is part of the City of Lewes’ Great Marsh Park, which the city is currently planning to improve for passive use. Learn more about the city’s current concept for the park.

To learn more about joining the garden or volunteering, please see our FAQ.

To contact us, please email lewescommunitygarden@gmail.com.